How to Lead Someone to Christ


  There are several reasons: Number one:  We’re afraid. We’re afraid we don’t know enough.  We’re afraid of failure.  We’re afraid we’ll mess up. Number two:  We aren’t convinced that it’s our business. Minding one’s own business is the American way.  We’ve been taught to not get involved and to not intrude when it comes to personal matters.  People’s relationship with God is a personal matter. Number three:  We don’t know how. Nobody’s ever taught us or showed us how to introduce someone to Christ. Number four:  We don’t care. Some don’t care because they don’t really understand what Christianity is all about.  They actually don’t realize that they are supposed to care. Some don’t care because they’ve “joined the church” for whatever reason, but they’ve not really been “born again.” 

This course is primarily setup for decision time counseling in a church invitation, but the things that you learn here can be used in your everyday life. How to lead someone to Christ is not just something that we can only use” in church”, it is a life changing decision that will change another person’s life. Though commitment counseling is often a “behind the scenes” activity, it is a significant and rewarding ministry as you participate with God in leading others to follow His will. Christians are never happier than when we see other people become Christians. Second only to that is the joy of seeing Christians make a deeper and more meaningful commitment as Christians. In short, invitation time is a time of rejoicing in our church.

What do I, need to be a decision counselor?

  1. You must be different from what you were; changed from what you were like before you came to know Jesus Christ. In the following space write out what your life was before you can to know Christ? __________________________________________________________
  2. You must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In just a few words tell when and where you came to know Jesus Christ and his saving grace?                                                     __________________________________________________________
  3. You must have a life changing experience that has changed you from what you were to what you are now. In the following blank tell of your life changing experience?             __________________________________________________________
  4. You must be committed to a church with all its activities and outreach. In this space below give a summary of your commitment to the church and its outreach?          __________________________________________________________
  5. You must have a strong prayer life. In the space below tell how often you pray per day? __________________________________________________________
  6. You must have a love for the lost of this world. How many lost people do you encounter every day? __________________________________________________________



Your Personal Testimony

When in court of law the only testimony that is allowed is first hand testimony. Hearsay testimony is not allowed in court so anyone that doesn’t have firsthand knowledge of something is not allowed to testify. The same goes in sharing Jesus you must have a firsthand knowledge of how Jesus has changed your life. A personal testimony is what you will be useful when trying to lead someone to Christ. You should write it down so you can remember it. Your testimony should be less than 3 minutes in length. From the previous page where you answered each question, from those questions write out your testimony. That will give you opener to share with someone when you are trying to lead them to Christ. ________________________________________________________________












This is a good tool to have to open the door to share your faith with someone, write it down and memorize it to share it with some that is lost. To make a point here you need to have more emphasis on Jesus and what he has done for you rather that what you have done because it is not about you it is about Jesus Christ.

Next after you get a chance to share your testimony you will have a chance to ask this question to the person.

“Have you came to a place in your life that you know for certain you have eternal life and will go to heaven when you die?”

“Suppose you were standing before God right now and He ask you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?” What would you say?”

Markup for your Bible Lead someone down The Roman Road

In front of bible write “Can people in today’s world have hope” 

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 1:16 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “God’s power can make us secure

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 2:4 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “God’s power results in change

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 3:23 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “Sin makes change necessary

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 5:8 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “God still loves us

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 6:23 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “Sin earns death, but God gives life

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 10:9-10, 13 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “Confess, repent, believe, call

Write at the bottom of page “Turn to the back page

Turn to the back page and at the top write “Dear God, I know that Jesus is Your Son and that He died and was raised from the dead. Because I have sinned and need forgiveness, I ask Jesus to save me. I am willing to change the direction of my life by acknowledging Jesus as my Savior and Lord and by turning away from my sins. Thank You for giving me forgiveness, eternal life, and hope. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Write at the bottom of page “See: Romans 8:16-17, 38-39 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “We now have hope

Write at the bottom of page ”See: Romans 12:1-2 page # ______

Turn to that scripture and at the top write “Faith = life for God

At the bottom write “Publicly profess your faith and be baptized. Read the bible and pray daily. Tell others what God has done for you

This is a usable plan of salvation that can be used.